Friday, September 14, 2012

everyday stuff

Nothing specific has happened lately, but here are some of the things we have been doing.

Ethan is into being big. He likes to help do anything and always wants to know how to do it. He helped me make Grandma's Monster Cookies.
My birthday is coming up, and I got an early present from my Mom and Dad. It's a waffle stick maker and we LOVE it.
The next morning, guess what was on the menu. Ethan has learned how easy it is, and I keep batter in the fridge so he can make his own.
Erica had potato sack races at Carson's party and said the kids all loved it, and decided since we missed it, we needed potato sacks too. She's the BEST. 
The race was on.
Nothing but smiles and laughing. 
They had SO much fun. 
Henrik turned one on the 8th, and I can't wait to see him next week to give him his presents. I made this one, but I can't spoil the surprise. 
Daddy rented a movie the other day. Beanbags have to be the best invention. 
Elliott had to go to the bone doctor and make sure his broken arm had healed properly. Good news, she said his range of motion and everything is excellent and if she didn't know, she couldn't tell which arm was broken. He got some awesome glasses for being good. 
At the beginning of August I started walking. I'm working toward walking a 5k in honor of Erica. If I tell you why she is so amazing and inspiring, she'll probably cry while she reads it, so I'll spare her, but she's my hero. Anyway, I walked later last weekend, and the boys rode with me. 2 1/2 miles and no meltdowns from any of us. :) 
Jason and I finally had to break down and buy shoes. Good shoes. He runs for his PT for the guard and my other tennis shoes were just not cutting it. Luckily we got in on an amazing sale, and both of us found shoes that are awesome. 
Jason has Monday's off, which means there is some Daddy and Elliott one-on-one time while Ethan is at school. 
This picture was on my walk at about 6:30am. The day before we didn't even have a sky because of the smoke from all the fires in Montana right now. The view with the sunrise makes walking so peaceful and enjoyable. 
Elliott and Ethan are really loving Lego Nijago right now. The show, the toys, all of it. Elliott had to improvise and make a battle ring out of whatever he could. Crazy kid. 
Then, of course, there is homework after school. Ethan brings his home and Elliott has a book to work through. After Ethan is done, he always helps Elliott. It's fun to watch them work together. 
Ah, to be king. Elliott doesn't nap and hasn't since we moved to Helena, but we have rest time for everyone's sanity. A little Disney Jr and some comfy chairs make him pretty content. 
Hollie asked for some coasters with pictures from our Glacier trip, and I finally got around to making them. I love how they turned out and kind of want some for myself. 
My jewelry business is booming. I couldn't be more grateful for all of my customers. This was a special order. She asked for a pink boxing glove charm and I searched far and wide for one. I couldn't find anything, so I decided I would try to mold one from clay. I was very pleased with the outcome, and since have had several orders for more.
A teal one for an Ovarian Cancer Survivor. 
The clay is new to me, but it's a lot of fun. This was also a special order. 
And this. Who knew there was so much you could do? 
I haven't read the Hunger Games, but I've heard good things. This necklace has also been a big hit. A friend had the idea for it, and I made it come to life.  
Like I said, we haven't done anything specific, but we keep busy. Next week we are traveling to Colorado. I can't wait.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3rd grade and a 4 year old

I, more than anyone, was NOT ready for school to start this year. I hate how it requires so much time from everyone. Suddenly we don't have any time for the fun stuff. Boooooo. 

Ethan and I did his school supply shopping. And I had a brilliant idea. We used the sports cartridge for the Cricut that Aunt Hollie got for us, to personalize Ethan's pencil box. He designed it, and helped put the stickers on. He loves it.
Then, the mohawk needed done. It was trashed after a couple weekends of camping and swimming. It's been a long time since it was only one color.
Everyone needed new shoes.
Elliott helped Jason make sure he got the right fit. 
And then it was Ethan's first day. I got teary eyed when I left him in his classroom. I don't know why, but It really gets to me that he's growing up.
I proceeded to wallow in self-pity and got Elliott and I a coffee. We had a really quiet day while Ethan was gone. Even Elliott was sad about it, and wanted his brother home. 
Today was Elliott's first day of pre-school for the year. The boys were both excited. 
He's in the 4 year old class, but I didn't tear up about this one. Mostly because I was more worried that he would throw a fit about going. But he didn't. He rode his bike, just like a big kid, said his good-byes and away he went. 
He was much more angry when I picked him up. Apparently, I came too soon and he didn't have time to play outside. Believe me, he let me know how unimpressed he was. Haha.

I hope the year goes fast. I'm already looking forward to next summer.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

2nd annual camping at canyon ferry

I was so excited when Amie texted me to see if we were free for a weekend of camping with them. They are friends of ours from Billings, and last year was our first year doing this, but I'm pretty sure we are all on board with making this an annual event. 

Of course we had a campfire, s'mores and the works. I even used my Pinterest finding of s'mores in a cone. Uh yeah, SO amazing. Elliott didn't even have words, he just moaned while eating it. :)
Then there was some playing in the rocks (it's Montana, there was no beach).
Of course where we have rocks and water, we have skipping rocks.
Elliott even tried it out.
There were boat rides, and the boys got to drive too.  
And our spot had the best climbing trees.  
The last day, was perfect for Ethan to test his skiing ability. The water settled down, and the weather was nice and warm. Jeff was awesome enough to get in the water with him to help. 
He's up! 
Still up. 
And going down. 
Jason got a video of him and luckily it was his best run. I'm so dang proud of this kid. He just amazes me.
As per the usual, we had a blast. Lots of fun, laughs, good food, and we even met some new friends. I hope they are all in for next year, because we are. :)