Thursday, August 30, 2012

loon lake 2012

This is the 2nd year that the Nat'l Guard has hosted a Family Resiliency Camp for our Guard families. The boys, Tyler and I went last year while Jason was deployed, and the boys and I couldn't wait to go again this year, with Jason. Last year it was in June, and rainy and kind of cold, but this year, August was perfect. 
Can you say excited? Well, at least 2 of them.
And check out the schedule cover photo.
This year started off with making family flags. The artists went to work. 
Elliott just sniffed the markers and I took pictures. It's a team effort for sure.
There were some outside games and just hanging out. Elliott had been wearing flip flops all day and when he climbed into his bed, this is what we saw. Haha.  
The next morning our group got some family time to play outside, etc. There were a lot of tether-ball games during the weekend. 
Elliott was getting pretty good, but mostly just having fun. 
Then it was our turn to paint. A blank white canvas, some music, paints and paint brushes, and NO TALKING. 
We started by writing our names.
During, there were pictures of flowers, helicopters, ice rinks, scribbles, words, mountains, bikes, etc.
After. There is this. The finished product is so much fun. I can't wait to find a good space for it. 
Ethan learned to make para-cord bracelets, and made 2 for himself. He wants to make a million more now. 
Elliott and I took out the peddle boat for a trip around the lake. Then he made his dad take him in the canoe. 
Ethan spent 3 hours swimming, jumping off the dock, canoeing and peddle boating.
The camp was fun, we met new people, did new things, and had a great time just being together.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the boys

I took the boys to a building activity at Lowe's a couple weeks ago. They got to make their own wooden dragon from "Shrek". It required reading and following directions, as well as using a hammer and nails. 
Ethan did awesome right up to the point he slammed the hammer on his finger. Poor guy. He did finish his though. His finger is still black and nasty looking.
Elliott tried some hammering, and apparently it works best if your tongue is hanging out. 
He had so much fun.
I had to include this. Elliott is so crazy. His shorts were inside out and he couldn't get them turned the right way. His solution? Put them on his head. He does stuff like this all the time, definitely keeping us on our toes and laughing.  
Elliott joined me at Andrea's house, while she did my hair, he played outside with Harlo. The Slip-n-Slide was a big hit.
The boys and I met some of their friends at the park for some bike riding. Ethan loves jumping his bike, and in true "Ethan style" is pretty good at it. 
Not much this kids can't do. 
I love his face in this one.  
And of course, if the 8 year olds are doing it, the 3 year old isn't far behind. Elliott doesn't catch any air, but he gives it his all.  
I'm always shocked by the things this kid can do. He will not be left behind.
We had a great summer, but tomorrow is back to school for Ethan and next week Elliott starts. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

crafty days

We have enjoyed our time at home with not a lot of plans or places to be. We have been able to get crafty a lot more often.

First, I've been wanting to make a maxi skirt for myself for months. Seriously. This fabric was on clearance, I knew I wanted it for a maxi skirt. Luckily, this was a quick project, and it's perfect. :)
The same day that I made my skirt, I met Andrea at the coffee shop for some more crafting. This time with toilet paper tubes. Yep, that's what the "leaves" are. It was fun and easy, and we had a blast. This was my creation that Andrea is modeling.
And here it is on my wall above my jewelry desk. 
Elliott and I made rock candy. He loved being able to help. 
Then we all did some painting. God bless freezer paper. 
I made a secret picture for Elliott to find by painting in the box. 
He really had fun with this. 
Ethan was painting a mountain scene. He's my little artist. 
He has some pretty impressive skills. Watercolor is no easy task. 
This was the extent of my painting. I am not an artist when it comes to drawing or painting. 
Jason had an entire mountain bike scene going on. I was impressed. 
Later the boys and I tried a technique I found on Pinterest to make 3D art. It worked! How cool is this?!?! 
I also saw the idea on Pinterest to make your own envelopes from scrapbook paper. Brilliant. They turned out so great 
But what good is a cute envelope without a cute card to match? That's how my brain works anyway, so I made these. You gotta love getting a fun card in the mail (and not another bill). 
We even did some creating with playdough. I told you I'm not very good with this kind of stuff. Funny little frog. Haha 
Jason is back at work now, and the boys and I are trying to enjoy what's left of the summer. We have stuff going on every weekend for the rest of the month. That's how I like it. :)