Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another catch up post. Ooops

So my excuse is that I rarely get on the computer anymore. I can do all of my daily things on my iPhone or iPad (and I could blog from those places too if I remembered to do it more frequently). So here is another post with lots of pictures. 

Elliott is acting so independent these days. It's exciting and sad all at the same time.
For Elliott's very first ever Valentine's Day Party at school, we made this monster box for him. He loved it, and so did everyone else. 
We were eating breakfast one morning and Jason was iMessaging me (the best thing ever) and Ethan sent him this picture. 
And Elliott sent this. 
So Jason sent them this. He's such a good Daddy. The boys love when he does stuff like this.
I found a killer deal on a 3DS for Ethan, and surprised him with it after school one day. The kid is in heaven. 
We also needed to get new bindings for Ethan's snowboard. I showed him what needed done, and he and his sidekick swapped out the bindings. I was pretty proud. 
So serious. 
Feb 16th was the 10th anniversary of our first marriage (long story for those who don't know). After we got married the second time, Jason asked which anniversary we should celebrate. I said we should celebrate both! We have come a long way since that day, and I've never been happier or loved him more than now.  
Elliott and I were running around doing errands all day, and I got a call from the flower shop that they had a delivery for me that we missed. Since we were in town, we just went and picked them up. Gorgeous roses!! Elliott loved being my helper and holding them on the way home. He kept telling me how pretty they were. 
I love them! 
That night at hockey, our friend brought Elliott a gift. His very own snowboard and boots! Her son used them a couple times, and it's just been in her attic for 7 years. She was so happy to find someone who could use it. Elliott was excited beyond words. We walked in the door at home and he had to try it all on.
Friday, we tried out the new frozen yogurt place here. It's called the Frozen Moose and is just like the Billings Best Yogurt that we have been missing so much. We went with the Eckerson's and Andrea, Harlo and Everly. All of the kids (and moms) loved it.  
Saturday was Ethan's last house game as a Mite for hockey. I cannot believe he has played for 5 seasons already!  
Ethan went on a road trip Saturday afternoon, so it was just Elliott and I for the day. Guess what he wanted to do...........I pushed him all over the front yard. 
He even figured out how to get up all by himself. He makes it look pretty easy.
After Ethan came home, we headed over to the outdoor ice rink for a little bit.
Elliott will be skating by himself in no time. 
 He also figured out how to get up on his own on ice skates.
It was a big day for him. 
On Sunday Elliott wasn't feeling good, but we had made plans to go up the mountain so Ethan could snowboard. Lucky for him, our friends are SO nice and took him with them while Elliott and I stayed home. 
They had a really long day on the mountain, and loved every minute. I'm so glad Ethan got to go. I hate when he has to miss out because of us. 
I took Elliott to the walk-in clinic to get his ears checked and found out he had a double ear infection, a cold, and a ruptured eardrum. Poor kid. I'm glad we didn't go snowboarding. He fell asleep on the way home from the doctor and slept for 5 hours then went to bed and slept all night. This apparently helped because he's feeling much better today. 
Monday was a day off from school and we didn't have any plans. 
This is the kind of stuff boys will do if left unattended. Ethan decided to find out if he really could fit in his hockey bag, and yes, he can..........with room to spare. 
Elliott spent most of the morning in his jammies playing video games. He loves playing fruit ninja on the iPad. 
That afternoon, we had this! Our furnace was smoking so we got out and I called 911. I'm so grateful for the emergency crews. Everything was fine, no fire, but they checked everything to make sure we would be safe. 
Yesterday was much less exciting, and today too. The boys were being silly just a little bit ago and took some photobooth pics. I love these kids. :)  
We have a hockey tournament here this weekend, so it's going to be busy (again). Just like we like it.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

photo dump catch up

The last two weeks have been crazy (that's probably an understatement) so I am going to try to make this short and sweet, in 25 photos. :)
Two and a half weeks ago started like this........a trip to the Dr for Elliott and 5 prescriptions. Yeah, and that was the easy part of that day. My car also crapped out and left us stranded at the Dr. Thank God for Andrea. She picked us up (and our insurance towed the car to the shop) then she bought us lunch and took me to get the meds, then took us home. She also came back to my house and sat with Elliott while I took her car and Ethan to hockey practice. Ethan was practicing with the Squirts and Mites that week so we had hockey every day. Andrea never fails us, and I don't know what I would do without her.
The next day was a little better. My present from Jason came in the mail. An iPad! 
Yep, I'm in love. :) 
We had some fun with the photo apps on the iPad. 

I also got my nose pierced. I've wanted it forever.  
This was the 3rd night in a row of hockey practice. For being sick and sick and tired of being at the rink, Elliott was an angel for me. I'm sure someday we'll be doing the same for him.
The first night Ethan practiced with the Squirts, and Andrea kept Elliott, I was actually able to pay attention to Ethan during practice. I noticed Ethan's stick was WAY too short (hockey mom of the year), so he got a new one. I can't even tell you how excited he was when he leaned his new stick on the wall and it actually touched the board that holds the sticks. This is a big deal for him. It's not tall enough to use it right yet, but it's much closer.  
Night 4 of hockey practice was too much for my sick baby. He slept through the whole practice. 
Friday morning, we were on our way to Billings for the Squirt tournament. The roads and weather were great, but it's kind of sad that there is no snow in Montana in January. 
The boys and Carson had a great time hanging out Friday afternoon.  
Saturday morning, first thing, was Ethan's first game. Elliott didn't sleep well, so our day started at 4:30am. It was not ideal, but we did okay. 
I cannot even begin to tell you how proud of this kid I am. He stepped right up and played his heart out. You would never know he hadn't played as a Squirt all season. 
This was his first shoot-out shot. It missed, but I love this picture. 
After the first game, Ethan stayed to watch his old teammates from Billings play their game and Elliott and I met up with Carson and Erica for coffee. They were being so silly. 
Erica took Elliott with her for the afternoon (she's the best) and Raigan and Laura met me at the rink for Ethan's next game. Isn't she CUTE?!?!  
I love watching Ethan play hockey.  
If you know hockey, you'll get this. Ethan's ability to watch the puck, the defenders, and skate right along with his teammate, stopping before the blue line to wait for the puck to go over, blew my mind. I still can't believe his understanding of the game, even while he is playing. 
While Elliott was with Carson and Erica, Erica showed the boys this picture of when they were little.  
They decided to reenact it, and this was the result. They couldn't stop giggling. 
Sunday morning started with a very early game, that they won. Afterward, my car REALLY died, but Jaymee came to my rescue so I could make game two, and she came with. I seriously have the most amazing friends EVER. 

They didn't win game 2, but I couldn't be more proud. 
When did Ethan become a big kid? Where did my baby go? Geez. 
And look at these two goofs. They thought they were so funny giving Jaymee crazy faces. :)  
And then there was this. Dereck (Jaymee's hubby) has to be some kind of saint. Not only did he fix my car, on a Sunday.........He brought his tools and everything to the hotel, and told Jaymee and I to go feed the kids while he changed the starter in an hour so we didn't have to stay the night. There are not enough "thank yous" in the world to give him all the thanks he deserves. And what did he want? Nothing! Not even a coffee. I know Dereck doesn't read this, but Jaymee does, and I want them to both know how grateful I am for helping us on that day (and just for being in our lives). 
The next week wasn't so crazy, but we were still trying to get rested from the week before and Elliott was still sick.

Saturday morning was a trip to Butte for another hockey tournament though, so off we went. 
I tried to video most of this tournament for Jason to watch later. Being a Mite tournament, Ethan shined. 7 goals in 4 games, one being a defensive breakaway. So much fun to watch. These next few pics are ones another parent took. 

I was told that watching and shooting Ethan while he plays is a lot of fun. Haha. Not sure what this was, I'm sure he'll tell me it's not figure skating. :) 
Saturday night, we went to pizza with the team. Every pizza place should have a carousel and arcade.
The favorite part of the weekend was skating on the outdoor rink. 
Ethan couldn't wait for his last game to end so he could get out there. 
Even Elliott had fun. They would shoot the pucks off the ice and Elliott would throw them back in. It was a beautiful day. 
This week, Elliott is feeling better, I'm feeling better, and our schedule is back to normal.
Andrea came over for some crafting, and I was able to get some hair bows made for Kyah. I've been promising them for a while. Here are a few (Harlo modeled them for me). 
Andrea made and modeled this one. :) 

Then I broke out the sewing machine and made these burp clothes for a family in Jason's unit who is expecting a new baby soon. I kind of forgot how much fun I have sewing.
Yesterday, Elliott and I went to the Painted Pot for some toddler painting. He got to use the sponges, and it was fun to watch his little brain work. He was very precise with his painting. 
Whew! I think that pretty much sums it up. 
I'll try to be better about keeping up this month.