Monday, March 26, 2012

just us

Elliott and I spend A LOT of time together. It's so fun watching him learn things and becoming more and more like Ethan was at the same age.
Elliott loves taking crazy pictures.
The weather is definitely Springy. Cool mornings and sunny warm afternoons, but who wants to wait for the afternoon to put on shorts? Not this kid. 
We have great friends, and sometimes we have lunch dates with them. Harlo and Elliott are two peas in a pod. Craziness. 
Ethan learned how to cross his eyes. It was making me laugh. 
More silliness with Elliott. 
Ethan had a birthday sleepover on Saturday. This is the card he made. I am so impressed with how thoughtful he is. I didn't help him one bit with this.  
Elliott and I had movie night while Ethan was gone. Not much "movie watching" though. 
Elliott has learned to twirl his noodles onto his fork, but they usually all fall off by the time he gets it to his mouth so he tries to get them in quick.  
Then this. 
My sweet, 3 year old boy, on his first day of hockey practice and my incredible 8 year old boy on his last day of hockey practice, 5 seasons later. :( 
Thanks to Verizon pix place for making me sign in every now and again so I can be reminded of how fast time flies. 
Abby and Henrik are on their way to visit us for the week. We cannot wait to have them here. I'm sure there will be a lot of pictures this week. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

just another normal week for us

Last Sunday, we went to pick up Elliott's Easter eggs he painted, and the boys wanted to do some more painting. Ethan caught the eye of the lady working there, and she helped him with the design for his Bighorn's mug. It was a long process, and he was very careful with his work.
Elliott, as usual, was there for the fun. :)  
He picked out the colors, but I got stuck painting his mug. He wanted me to paint a bee in the bottom of the mug. Not only am I not an artist of any kind, it was not easy to get the paint bottles and my hand into the cup and draw lines.  
The weather was so nice, we headed to the park afterward. 
This slide was a lot faster and more steep than Elliott thought. 
On Tuesday, Ethan and I made his Leprechaun trap for school. He is so creative and artistic, I had a great time just watching him bring his idea to life. 
After the trap was built, we went to the Bighorn's game. It was the first playoff game of the season, and they were playing the Bulls (Ethan's Alma Mater). Ethan was invited to be the "Little Bighorn" of the game, which meant he got to skate out for the announcement of the starting line, have his name announced, and stand with them for the National Anthem. Such a special night for him. (A good mom would have brought the good camera) 
Elliott and I get to spend our afternoons together everyday. He has started to want to help once in a while. Unfortunately, he usually just makes a bigger mess. Good thing he's cute. 
And Thursday, we got to go pick up our mugs. They turned out wonderful! 
Ethan is quite pleased with his work. 
And Elliott collided with the table. I thought for sure he broke his nose. He had a huge dent for several minutes, and a pretty good bruise the next day. This kid is going to give me grey hair. 
Friday morning, we left for Billings to Ethan's last Mite Tournament. God bless Nintendo and the DS. The boys didn't fight the whole way.  
Of course they had to go swimming Friday night. I love how Elliott is always in on the action, even with the big kids. He's pretty much part of the team. 
The game "500" has been really popular with Ethan and his friends lately. 
Saturday morning, the kids scarfed down their breakfast then played a little Sorry before their game. 
Then they got to work. Ethan is #8, red helmet. 
I don't know how he survived this (or how I caught it on camera) but if you look, he is flying!  
Then he was landed on by that huge kid. 
Then right back up and ready for more. 
I tried to get some cute pictures of the boys. There is a whole series of these with Ethan posing and Elliott dancing back and forth. The other kids thought Elliott was SO funny. 
Ready for more hockey. 
The shot right through the other team. 
Then we met our friend Tasha and her cutest little guy for coffee. Elliott was not impressed. 
And more hockey. :) 
Notice the numbers. They were meant to play together. :)  
Sunday morning, Laura, Jaymee and Raigan joined us for the final game. I'm not sure Laura was able to watch much hockey with these two goofballs.  
And Jaymee took over my camera for a bit. Love it. 
I also love that Ethan celebrates now. Coach Shawn (Ethan's first ever coach) would be pleased too. He used to have the team practice celebrating because Ethan never did.  
Ethan's fan club.... Elliott, Laura, Raigan and Jaymee. 
Ethan got to get the team trophy. They took 3rd but only lost 1 game out of 5. All of the teams were SO good. 
The Blue Team.  
The final picture of Ethan as a Mite. Five seasons has gone by fast, and I never thought he would be the skater he is today. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

this week

The morning after I posted our pictures at the park, we woke up to snow. Haha. The rest of the week has been gorgeous though.
Elliott got this backpack from the Yellow Ribbon program, and now he takes it to school everyday. He looked so cute on our walk home.
Wednesday was the monthly pre-school ceramics class that we love. This month was Easter Eggs of course. They got to drip paint all over them. 
Then use the "fun writers" to put dots on them. 
The look so fun and "Eastery". I guess I could have waited until tomorrow to post about them since that is when we get to pick them up and see how they turned out.  
On Friday, Elliott and I went ice skating in the afternoon. He's determined to learn to skate. 
Half way around, he needed a break. Good thing for the players benches. I HAVE to get new skates........these things do not like my feet. 
When I picked up Ethan, he was very excited. He won the VFW coloring contest for all the second graders. This is his picture. He wrote out the entire "Pledge of Allegiance" in the white lines.  
This is his prize. 2 gold dollars and twistable crayons.  
Last night we went to dinner and a movie with our friends. It was a big boy party, but they wanted Elliott to come too. He loves being the biggest little kid. :)  
We saw Journey 2 in 3D. Elliott said that the glasses made the movie look weird and asked why everything was going to get him. Haha.  
It was a fun night with just the moms and the boys. The movie was totally a boy movie and I don't think any of them made a peep the whole time, they were so into it. We all even jumped a couple times.  
Elliott and I slept in this morning, and Ethan stayed the night with his friends. Such a great start to our weekend.