Sunday, January 30, 2011

game time

Tonight before dinner, we decided to have a game night. Elliott is just getting big enough to play games, but we have to keep it simple, so we played Candy Land.
Jason tried to cheat a few times, but Ethan kept him in check. 
Elliott was getting the hang of it. He knows his colors, and knew if there was one or two squares, but he thought it was a lot more fun to draw the cards with the candy on them. Even if it meant going all the way back to the beginning.  
He really did have a lot of fun, but being only 2 years old, two rounds was all he could sit still for.  
I can tell this is something that will be happening more often. Chutes and Ladders, maybe next time.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

spending time........

I had a special request for an apron from an old friend from Casper. I was so excited that she would even ask! I loved this fabric from the second I saw it, and luckily she does too. It's even reversible. I tell ya, I'm getting good. :)
Finally, Kyah got her skirt and purse. YAY! She is so excited about it, and it fits her just right. I'm glad I have her to make stuff for, otherwise, I would have to have another kid and hope it was a girl.
We sent stuff for all the kids. Jason loaded them up with National Guard footballs, water bottles, and wallets. D'Vonte was even excited.
Dom got a bag and some padfollios too. He's a big kid so he gets big kid stuff. He is so proud of his Uncle Jason, and I bet he had to take his new bag to school the next day.
Today I made this apron. It's pink and brown circles on white fabric. I wish the wind would quit blowing so I could take some good pictures outside. Grr.
After school and nap, I took the boys outside to ride their bikes and scooters and skateboards. They love being outside, even when the wind is blowing and it's cold and the snot just runs down their face. They never want to come back in.
I'm pretty impressed with Elliott on his scooter. 
And Ethan loves his long board from Aunt Abby.  
This sidewalk will probably have dents in it from them by the end of the summer.

So this is how we are spending our time right now. Crafting and hanging out. Nothing super exciting, but I guess that's better than having things going badly.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

busy bee

My sewing machine is being put to good use. Here is another piece I can check off of my list. YAY! I love this apron. it was simple, and looks great!
The bow is supposed to be in the front, but I thought..... "How stupid is that?". It would be in the way of everything. I tied it in the back.  
I made a grocery sack saver for my mom. She, not so subtly, asked for one. "We could use a sack bag.....a long one we have lots of sacks......thanks in advance mom". Elliott picked out the color for it, "Yeh-Yo" is his favorite color to say, and conveniently matches my mom's kitchen. :)  
And lastly, we could all use one of these. A Dammit Doll.  
Her sign says "When you want to kick the desk or throw the phone and shout, Here's a little dammit doll you cannot do without, Just grasp it firmly by the legs, and find a place to slam it, And as you whack it's stuffing out, yell, Dammit, Dammit, Dammit!
I also made some finger puppets for the kids, and another scarf, but in orange. I am having so much fun creating in a new way.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

more crafting

I reuse plastic grocery bags, but it always seems like we have a bazillion. They invade the cupboards under the kitchen sink. I decided it would be a good idea to have a bag saver for them, but I didn't want to actually purchase one, so I googled it and found a simple pattern. So simple in fact that I read through it once, and made it up as I went along. Not too shabby. I do feel like an old lady for being excited about it. I can remember my Great-Grandma rolling the bags up one at a time before putting them in hers so that they didn't all come out at once. I, of course, just shoved them in. Hehe.
I also made another thing that I can check off of my list. A wide headband. It turned out ok, but its definitely something that will need some practice.  
That's it for now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

exploration works

Today Elliott and I went and checked out the Exploration Works. It's fabulous (I'm not sure why Billings wouldn't have this), and we had a great time.

Elliott wasn't too sure at first, he stood back, kept his coat on and just took it all in.
Then he got brave.  
And jumped right in. This thing was fun. It sucked up scarves and shot them out of the tubes. He really liked it. Our friends, the Murdock's, went with us. They have twins who are Elliott's age.  
This caught Elliott's eye right away. He recognized it from a game on the iPod. 
I know this is not a good picture, but his face cracked me up. He was in awe of all of the rubber bands.  
I made a tornado, and he didn't care, but I liked the picture.  :) 
Sometimes his creativity amazes me. I am totally lame when it comes to blocks. I can build a tower (if it doesn't fall over) and that is the extent of my abilities. Elliott on the other hand was able to make a spider without any instruction or help.  
There is a small play area there, it occupied him for about 5 minutes, then it was back to the much cooler, hands on stuff. 
Then it got serious. The coat came off, and he actually got his hands wet, and his shirt, pants and shoes. Haha. 
The water was by far his favorite part. 
He couldn't quite get the hang of this, but he liked to watch the coins spin all the way to the bottom.  
The mirrors threw him off a little. He knew he should be able to see his face, then he couldn't. It was fun to watch him try to figure it out. 
We will definitely be going back.

Ok, I can't resist. I took this last night in the kitchen, on my cell phone. Now you know why the picture isn't that great, but I had to share the skirt I made for LeKyah! I made a purse to go with it, but I didn't get a picture of that. This will have to do until she gets it in the mail. 

not as planned

So, these are NOT the pictures I intended to post today, but in my excitement of getting the cutest skirt ever to my niece, I boxed it up and shipped it without taking pictures. Those will come after she gets it I guess. *sigh*.

Today, I decided to check off another thing on my list.
A scarf. Love the color, love the shape, love the ease, love this!
It turned out awesome! I am very pleased with it. 
I have other pictures to post for today that are much more "family" oriented, but I couldn't combine the two.

Monday, January 17, 2011

checking off my list

Here is the first thing I get to check off of my list. It's not perfect, but I learned a lot by making it.
I learned that I should have just measured rather than "eye-balling" it. I learned that I need to learn how to close the seam of a pillow (I was too lazy to look it up last night). I learned how to change the "focus" on the camera so it will work in our badly lit house, and use just the light from the open window. And I learned how to make these adorable flowers that I will be able to use on a lot of projects. GO ME!  
Turns out, it doesn't have to be perfect to  be comfy when it comes to a pillow. :) 
I can't wait for the sun to come out so I can take pictures and post what I made today, tomorrow!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

i did it!

After the failure of last night's project, I was sceptical about taking this on. I started one last night, and sewed one piece on backwards. Ooops. So this morning, I got to work on this. It's a reversible purse. It was much easier than I thought it would be (and it even has pleats in it). I am quite pleased with it, and if you don't look too close, you will never see the crooked lines. :)
I even sewed on a bow for each side by hand! Yeah, I'm that good.  
I love this fabric. Perfect for spring/summer.  
Oh yeah, and that's Bias Tape. I didn't make my own, but I must say it sure makes quick work out of edging for this purse.  
Like I said, it's not perfect, but it's not a bad start.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

happenings of today

This week was not very exciting, so I'm skipping right to today.
First off, I found this on Craigslist! Have I mentioned my love for Craigslist? $40 and the lady used it twice! Talk about a good deal!
After Jason helped me get it set up, I had to put it to use. I whipped together this headband cover. It looks like CRAP! The seams ripped out in places, and it will be torn apart, but it's a start. I didn't expect perfection on my first try, but I was hoping. *sigh* 
Next, look who has joined my new family. Simon Colvin was my Cabbage Patch baby when I was very, very little. I loved him so much (and it shows). Tonight, Elliott found him. He poked his cheek and said "Ah". That's how he says something is cute. Then he left him sitting on the dresser. After a few minutes he came back and poked his cheek again. I asked Elliott if he liked him, and he said "yeah!" and snatched him off the dresser. He came back in to tell me that Simon had pooped his pants (luckily this was not code for Elliott had pooped his pants), and then he took off with him to play.  
He got out his hockey stick and a ball, and sat Simon in the hall to show him how to play hockey.  
Simon is a great student, and Elliott had so much fun with Simon watching him. I am glad to see Simon being loved again by a little guy that could use a buddy.
And lastly, I took this today. It's for a special project.
Can you guess what it will be?
Maybe you will just have to wait and see. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

feeling ambitious

I have been very busy, thinking, searching, and planning. I am a blog stalker of several "crafty" type blogs. I am really hoping to get a sewing machine soon, and I already have big plans for it, as well as expanding my jewelry making skills. Each title is a link with the blog/place I got these ideas from. I can't wait to get started. It's keeping me up at night.

How adorable is this? So simple too!
She has patterns for the greatest scarves, and I am totally into scarves right now.
I already know who I would make this for (several people actually).
I want this for myself, but I think it would make a great gift too.
Seriously? I know. These are fabulous.
Bet you can't guess who I would make this for. :)
Oh, and these too! Swoon.
I didn't find this idea here, I just decided I wanted to make one, so I Googled it and found this.
I just started following this blog. I want these as candle holders. YAY!
I found headbands like this on Etsy, and now I want to make my own, so I found this pattern.
I follow this blog. I love her style, and I have wanted to use Ice Resin for a long time. Seeing her design made me want to even more.
I know it looks like a lot, but my goal is to try each one by the end of this year.
I am very excited.