Thursday, June 23, 2011

iPhone videos

Yes, I'm totally lame, and just today, tried to upload a video from my phone directly to our YouTube channel. It was ridiculously easy, so expect more. for now, here are a couple recent ones. 

This is one of the knots Ethan learned to tie at camp. If he ever had to be thrown a rope and pulled to safety, this knot could save his life. Let's hope he never has to test it. 

This is the video of Elliot using his striker at camp. 

Then, from today, Ethan and Tyler helped Elliott learn to ride his bike. I'm sure he will be going like crazy by the end of next week (if it even takes him that long).

I'm probably a little too excited about how easy this is. :) 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loon Lake

After some convincing from a certain someone, I decided to pack up the boys and join some other military families at Loon Lake (middle of nowhere Montana) for a camping weekend. 

The drive there was amazingly beautiful, and I was able to just free my mind of the real world. The boys were good, considering the amount of time they had already been in the car from our trip to Sheridan. 
After checking in, I let the boys pick the cabin. It was our little home away from home, and it was perfect. 
After packing all our stuff from the car to the cabin, we went for a walk to see the lake. I don't know how to explain it. It was so serene. Elliott looked right at me and said "MOM! I need a boat!"
Almost immediately, the boys picked up rocks and started throwing them into the lake. I really don't know why we have toys and things at home. All we really need is a lake and some rocks. 
Friday night was spent getting to know everyone, and with a motivational speaker. It was really late when we got back to the cabin. I forgot how much I dislike sleeping in a sleeping bag. Haha.

Saturday morning was rainy, but we made do, and had a survival skills class in the lodge. Even Elliott got to make his own survival kit. 
Tyler, the boy scout that he is, was in heaven! He knew a lot of the stuff, but was able to learn some new things too. He was also able to help Ethan out. 
They even got a striker, and got to start their own fires. Rather than fight Elliott, I let him try, and much to my surprise, he caught right on. He was so proud of himself.  
He felt like such a big boy. 
After lunch, Elliott needed to take a rest (and so did I), so we borrowed a portable DVD player (I know, this was far from "roughing it"), and we both took a good nap. 

We woke up to sunshine and warm weather. Everyone was at the lake (and had been for most of the afternoon), so we joined them. Elliott wanted to go out in the boats but wasn't too excited about the life jacket. :) 
I took the boys out on the paddle boat. This was my failed attempt at a self portrait on the boat. 
Luckily, I was able to hand off the camera and we got this. Proof I really was there. :) 
Then everyone (those who wanted) decided to have their own "Polar Bear Plunge". Ethan joined in. He's the one in the red shorts and life jacket at the bottom of the picture.  
Brrrrrrrr! It was cold, but they all played in the water for a little while. Even Tyler jumped in.  
Miss Sara and Tyler took Ethan and Elliott for a canoe ride.  
Then Ethan and 2 other boys his age took the paddle boat out all by themselves. 
After dinner, it was campfire time. We also got to watch them lower the flag and "Taps" was played for us.  
Sunday was our last day. We got to print out some of our pictures, and hang out a little more. The boys were so good for me, and the bigger boys were a huge help. 
It really was a great weekend, and I cannot wait for next year. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

baby shower weekend

I have some catching up to do. Ooops. 

On June 10, the boys and I headed to Sheridan to visit and throw Abby a baby shower. It's been almost a year since we have seen Abby and Chris.*GASP* Elliott wasn't too sure about Uncle Chris at first, but jumped right in the middle when Ethan and Chris started fighting. 
Saturday, we headed to the park. After a week of rain in Helena, it was nice to be able to enjoy the sunshine. 

Elliott really wanted Uncle Chris to get in the fire truck and drive with him. It was SO cute. 
I love these two so much! It's hard to live so far apart, especially with their new baby on the way. 
Later in the evening, we went to visit Chris' family. I saw this guy on the side of the road, and had Ethan ask Chris to get it for him. I don't think Chris can resist Ethan. :) This snapping turtle was big and mad. We let him go after a while, but the boys (and us "adults") liked watching him. 
Isn't their view amazing?!?! 
Chris and the boys played football, shot off some firecrackers, and played with Tucker, the dog. 
Sunday was Abby's baby shower. I spent most of the day there, and Chris was excited to keep the boys for the day (well he was when I asked him to, not sure he feels the same now). This is how they looked at lunch time. Haha. Silly kids. 

I didn't take my camera to the shower, so all I have is this picture from my phone, of the amazing cake Chris' cousin, Jenny, made.  
It was a really long day, but we finished it up with a fire and s'mores.  
Monday, we decided to go up the mountain to see just how much snow was really up there. We heard it was a lot, but we had no idea! We got out to walk over to the side of the road, and Abby stepped out into it. She thought it would be hard pack, but clearly it wasn't. Yes, I am mean and made her stand in it long enough to get a picture.  
Chris is taller than I am, and even reaching up he couldn't touch the top.  
On the way home, we stopped for lunch at Bear Lodge. This place always makes me think of my Granddad.
After we got down the mountain, we let the kids out to play at the park in Dayton.  
Abby and Chris even got in on the fun.  
The river was so high and running super fast, and the whole time they were skipping rocks, I was nervous one of them would fall in. Luckily, they didn't.  
We had a super weekend, and as always, it was too short. 
Now I'm excited for September. That's when the baby will make his appearance. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My new peice

Here Is the weapon they issued me today. I am so glad they did not make me carry around a m16 this time. I will not miss that mussket.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

they are here

Remember I said we had a photo shoot with Jaymee? Well, she mailed the disk to me, and it came today. Excited is an understatement. You can see some of her favorites on her blog here, and here are a few of mine. It's not easy for me to choose, but I doubt you want to see 30 some pictures of us on one post. :) 

Jaymee had the idea to play some street hockey. This not only made for super fun pics, it also loosened up the kids for the other photos. Thank God the puck didn't fly into Jaymee's million dollar camera. She was freakin me out laying on the ground and shooting.
This has to be one of my favorite new places to do our pics. 
This one is my new ALL TIME favorite (please note, this does not discount the love I have for the rest of the photos). I just adore my silly little guy.  
SQIIIIIIISH! They so love their Daddy.  
We are the "lucky" ones. Because we are basically family, Jaymee felt comfortable putting our kids up high, in a window, standing on a very small ledge. She really does know how to get the best pictures out of our kids. 
Ethan's "bunny ears" are hysterical. The boys had so much fun, they laughed almost the whole time. 
You can see the before picture of this on Jaymee's Blog. I'm telling ya, she knows how to get Ethan and Elliott in the best moods for pictures. This one makes me laugh though because of the fish hook Elliott has on Jason. 
Jason was being such a goof. We pretty much laughed the whole time too. We just aren't very serious people. 
And we barely even got in one kiss and we got attacked by the kids. This picture pretty much sums up our everyday.  
Jaymee and I have basically the same taste, so all the pictures on her blog are also ones I would have chosen. I can't wait to get these printed and up on the wall. Thanks again Jaymee.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A few pictures from the trip to tx

 All dressed up ready to play hero.
 We flew down in 2 flights of three helicopters. We were number three in the second set. Out the window you can see number 2.

 This is us lined up in Cheyenne WY. It was one stop of many for fuel. We stopped in Billings MT, Casper WY, Cheyenne WY, Colorado Springs CO (where we stayed the night, Dalhardt TX (they gave all thirty of us free lunch drinks and desert!!!!) Amarillo TX (we stayed the night there because of maintenance that needed to be done, Abilene TX, and finally Fort Hood TX.
 Above is a picture of the helicopter in front of us flying over the mountains to the west of Denver CO. This is where our stabilator jumped out of auto mode (which we reset,) and we lost one Main generator, Luckily the helicopter only needs 1 Main generator to fly.
 This is us parked in Colorado Springs, CO. We got to see Vice president Cheney take off in a jet before we took off.
And finally this picture is of burd number three in the second set flying over the Palo Duro Canyon out side of Amarillo TX. We moved to position number two because of our generator problem.