Tuesday, August 31, 2010

drilling and sliding......my new life

Tonight was Ethan's first soccer practice. As soon as he was out of the truck, he saw someone he knew from school, and then he was gone.
They all ran around dribbling and waiting for practice to start.
After a quick parent briefing (not like an Army briefing, this was actually quick and to the point), the coach called the kids over and they began.
Elliott wasted no time getting to the slides. This is the coolest play structure I have ever seen!
It has HUGE slides. Elliott loved it.
The attempt at lining up the kids for a drill was a total lost cause.
Then there was sliding......
and drills.......
some sliding.........
some hanging around......
and some drills......
then more sliding......on the COOLEST SLIDE!
I cannot believe this is at a school. It's huge and fast.
This was also the slide that ruined all the fun. Elliott was climbing up to it, lost his footing and fell. I was waiting for him at the bottom of the slide, instead of helping him climb up (MOTY Jaymee) and I couldn't do anything but watch him fall, and hit the ground like a rag doll. Luckily, he only bit his tongue, and has a pretty good bruise on his chest. Whew! I almost had a heart attack. So then he and I sat together and watched the semi-trucks go by on the interstate, and waited for Ethan to be done.

When we got home, Ethan (brother of the year) asked Elliott to carry the soccer ball. Elliott was so proud, he walked right in the house, then made Ethan go in the backyard and play soccer with him. I'm telling you, Elliott does not know how good he has it.

They are both now in bed. It was a great evening.

Monday, August 30, 2010

happy birthday carson!

Yesterday Carson turned 2. Raigan already is, and Elliott is next. I cannot believe that two of my best friends and I all have toddlers now. It's so fun. While they are all going through the same things, they are also VERY different from each other. Erica put on an awesome party, everyone had a great time.

Here's the birthday boy.
Elliott and his sucker (yeah, it was "Sugar-high" central).
They all loved the cupcakes too!
We all really wanted a picture of all the toddlers together. Ethan was the BEST kid ever (as usual) and put on a race to get them all together. Elliott jumped right in, Carson warmed up and thought he would try to, and Raigan wanted nothing to do with it at first, but came around. Ethan: YOU ROCK!
This was the best we could do, and I love it. I think it looks awesome, especially the fence in the background. Wait till they are all graduating and we blow this up and post it on the side of the house. It was totally worth the 20 minutes it took to get it. Thanks Jaymee!
I had to share this too. Sorry about the yellow color, it's the awesome lighting and yellow tinted walls in my house. Ick! Elliott saw all of Ethan's old hockey gear sitting out, and wanted geared up. I can't believe how well it fits. It's big, but Ethan wore this at 3 years old, not 22 months old. Elliott is going to outgrow us all, and kick our butts at hockey. :)
I got a call tonight from Ethan's soccer coach. His first practice is tomorrow. He is SO excited! I hope the weather is better tomorrow than it was today. I really hope Ethan likes soccer, and has a great time, and then chooses to never play again.  :) hehe

Have a great week!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

first week of school

Just now getting around to posting the 2nd day of school pictures. We remembered to take the camera! Yay!

Last year, Ethan looked so little.
Now he's the "big kid".
Ethan walked with us for the first 1/2 of a block, then he stayed about 10 steps ahead of us.
He didn't even need us at the crosswalk. Thanks Mrs. France for keeping us safe from the crazy drivers.
He was celebrating his victory over the sprinklers.
I love that he will still hug and kiss me in front of the other kids. I bet he wishes we had to drive to the school though so that they couldn't see.  :)
Then he was off. He is a big kid this year. His class is in the building with the kindergarten classes, so they all have to walk together in the morning.
At least I still have this for a little while longer. Note: Elliott will not hold our hands, he makes us hold his wrist like he is in trouble. Must be a comfortable feeling for him since he usually is. Haha.
Ethan loves school. He had a great first week, and while he doesn't look forward to the early bedtime, he does look forward to getting to school in the mornings.

Elliott fared pretty well. He was bored the first day, but is now enjoying his time alone. Maybe he will learn to talk soon.......he has started saying "No." this week. Ugh. Now that's all I hear. I know I shouldn't wish this time away, but I cannot wait for him to get out of the terrible two's.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

on the first day in the first grade

Apparently Jason needs to work on his mind reading skills. :) Unfortunately, he failed this morning at it, and didn't figure out that I wanted him to bring the camera with us on our walk to the school. He did have it in his hands, this picture is proof. But then he put it on the table and we left. *sigh*
So we have no traditional 1st day of school picture for Ethan's 1st day of 1st grade, but maybe I can manage to get some 2nd day of 1st grade pictures tomorrow. :) 
On with my story...........
Ethan was so excited, he was up and ready to walk out the door at 7:57. Literally, he was opening the door and heading out to walk by himself. This was the beginning of my "My baby is all grown up" kind of day.
We all got ready and walked him to school, and of course when we got there, he went straight to where he was supposed to be, walking with all the other kids and parents. I stopped him and said, "do you want us to walk with you?" "No, I can do it myself" was his response. Of course he can........*sigh* After a hug and a kiss from Ethan; Jason, Elliott and I (with a lump in my throat) headed home. This was the number two thing in my "My baby is all grown up" kind of day.
Elliott was a little thrown off, not knowing what to do since he couldn't pester his brother, but he decided he would just drive me crazy instead. He succeeded.
After nap, Elliott and I walked back to the school to pick Ethan up. I couldn't wait to hear all about his day, his new teacher, and how great it was to see all his friends again.
Instead, Ethan came around the corner, hugged his teacher good-bye, and ran to give me a hug. He then turned around and said, "Can I go to Cael's and play?" Thing number three in my "My baby is all grown up" kind of day. I said he could, and he handed me his backpack and said "There is stuff in there you need to look at." Thing number four.
Then he turned to go with Cael and his mom, and I said "we can all just walk together." since they live across the street. Well, Ethan walked with Cael, and I talked with Cael's mom on the way home. He is too cool to walk with his mom and brother. And this was thing number five. *sigh*
When I finally had a chance to talk to him, he informed me that 1st grade was easy, and he thinks he's ready for 2nd grade. Haha. I told him that 1st grade is supposed to be fun, so maybe he should finish it.
I'm glad he had a great 1st day of 1st grade.

Monday, August 16, 2010

our little hike

I know I haven't caught up from before, but I think I am just going to move forward. I still don't have my computer, I am working on Jason's, so I only have recent pictures. Here's the short of it. Hockey, Maddox went home, playing outside, and trip to Sheridan to visit the family. Now you are caught up.  :)

Yesterday was great. Jason had the day off, and the weather was perfect. Jason wanted us to all go for a hike. Ethan was so excited, he went 90 miles per hour and never shut up. He found a huge beetle right when we started, and saw two rabbits. I was "lucky" enough to find 2 lizards. Ick.
Elliott had a hard time with the ups and downs, but he did okay on the flat parts.
Jason ended up carrying Elliott for a lot of it, so he got an extra good workout.
I so love my guys!
This is my first attempt at a timed self-photo. I will definitely survey the area better next time so I don't have to try to run up a hill before the camera clicks. It turned out pretty good though.
After we were almost done, Jason gave Elliott a ride on his shoulders. Elliott was exhausted, and rested his chin right on Jason's head.
This is my new favorite family picture.
Everyone was worn out, but it was the perfect way to spend a few hours together.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

dear blog

Dear Blog-

I haven't forgotten about you! I have lots of pictures for you, and we have done several things since I last wrote a blog. Here is my excuse. My computer had to go in to be fixed. Sad, I know! Anyway, I got a call today, and they say they had to order a part, but as soon as it comes in, they will get it back to me. Keep your fingers crossed, and I will catch you up as soon as it gets here.



Sunday, August 1, 2010

a good day

This morning was beautiful out, so the boys and I took advantage. They got bubbles and sidewalk chalk from Raigan's b-day party yesterday.
Elliott tried really hard, but I think he may have eaten some.
Ethan tried to see just how many he could get at one time. He's pretty long winded (in more ways than one), so he was doing pretty good.
Elliott really wanted just one bubble to come out.
After a while, Jason came outside, and I cleaned up inside. The boys and him colored all over the sidewalk. It looks great. At nap time, I met up with Erica, Jaymee, and Laura at the bead store. They all made themselves a necklace, and I made a bracelet that I've been wanting to make. We had a great time talking, gossiping, laughing, eating, and beading. It's so fun to see what they came up with. I will post those pics later.

After we ate dinner, we went and walked around the store for a while, then came home. Ethan and Jason are now making cookies (Jason's cookies are the best) and Elliott is in bed. A really great ending to the weekend. I can smell the cookies. Yum!