Thursday, September 30, 2010

super star

I meant to share this earlier. Jaymee caught this at Ethan's soccer game last Saturday. Check out that power! It's only 1st grade soccer, but this kid gives it his all.
He even takes some falls.
I know I might say it A LOT, but I don't think I can say it too much. I have the greatest friends. Jaymee had a tired toddler and a sick husband, and left them at home to come sit with me at the soccer field. It's hard to come by people who love your family as much as you do. She was shooting photos from the grass (cuz she's pro) and Elliott got down to lay with her. Precious.
Having someone to chat with and help out with Elliott sure makes the hour go by a little faster. Plus, the weather was awesome! I'm hoping the same for this weekend.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

something new

Ethan has been begging me to make him a necklace. I have asked him several times what he would want it to look like, and it's always the same answer. A gold chain. Ugh. No. So I have been putting it off. I just didn't want him wearing a gold chain. A few days ago, it came to me. HEMP! Yes, I can totally do that and it will be awesome!

Today I made it to Hobby Lobby with my coupon to buy some hemp cord. When I got home, I did what I always do when I don't know how to do something, and I Googled it. Wow! So simple. I got a couple cool skulls at the bead store, and when Ethan got home from school, and Elliott was napping, we started. Ethan was so excited! While I worked on his necklace, he made his own bracelet.

He couldn't get the 4 string pattern down, so he did a more simple 2 string knot pattern. He picked out his own charm for it.
The necklace turned out GREAT!
And so did his bracelet. He is so proud of them. He cannot wait to wear them to school tomorrow.
He is one happy kid.
It was so nice to spend some one-on-one time with him, doing something for him. I'm sure it won't be long before he is way too cool for me. :(

Saturday, September 25, 2010

gettin' crafty

I saw this idea on a random blog (I didn't save it) the other day and knew I wanted to make some. They are the cutest little pumpkins ever! I got some Halloween themed scapbook paper, and the brads even came in Halloween designs. Then today while I had a spare moment, I whipped some out.
Ethan even helped. He did some of the cutting, and put the paper in the patterns for me.
It took us about 20 minutes to make 4, and we are up to 9 now.
Aren't they great?!?! Now I just have to figure out what to do with them.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

mom was here!

My mom flew in last Thursday. We spent most of the day just hanging around, and that evening was the Billings Bulls first home pre-season game, so we all went. The boys loved it. And how sweet is this picture. Ethan always puts his hand around Jason like that. <3 it!
Montana welcomed Mom with 50 degree temps, wind and rain and mist. Friday was COLD! Bet she was wishing she had stayed home in Arizona where it was 107 degrees. After Ethan got out of school, we took him to find the things he needed for his Halloween costume. He and Grandma worked on it, and he is very excited about it.
He will be a scary 3 headed monster! He has face paint and I just have to pin down the heads.
Sunday, Mom and I loaded up the boys early in the morning and headed to Sheridan for a full day of visiting. It was good to see my cousins, and a few other people I haven't seen forever. The boys had a good time visiting their Grandpa and Uncle Tyler.

While Mom did some of her visiting I took the boys to the park to run off some of the energy they built up riding around. They loved it.
Monday we dropped Ethan off at school and drove to visit my great-aunt in Forsyth. It was a fun, short trip. Then that afternoon, Freedom came so that Mom could meet Maddox. He is doing awesome, and getting surprisingly big. We got lots of cuddle time with him.
Tuesday I had a bunch of errands to run, and then Mom wanted spider earrings, so I did that. They turned out great!
Wednesday was my birthday, Jason brought me a coffee, and Erica and Carson came over in the morning to visit. For dinner Mom took us to Chinese. It was a nice birthday.

This morning, Mom flew back to Arizona. The house is quiet and lonely without her. The boys really enjoyed having her here. She spent a lot of time singing with them, and Ethan read almost every night to her.

Jason finally got a position in Helena, and he starts on Tuesday. He is extatic, and I am so proud of him and greatful for what he has been putting up with while waiting for this job. For now he will travel back and forth, and when the time is right, we will move to Helena.

So basically, it was a really great week. Now I guess it's onto the weekend. Whew. That wasn't so bad.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

such a bad blogger

Well, I finally have a few minutes to myself. Kids are in bed, and Jason is at work, dishes are done, laundry is done, and I am not completely exhausted, so I better get the blog updated.

Friday, Jason had to leave early to get to Helena for an eye test, then he had drill all weekend. He has been told he is deploying next August, so he has to get ready. He is going as a crew chief this time, something he has wanted to do since day one. Even if it does put the biggest lump in my throat, and brings tears to my eyes when I think about it, I support him 100%. Everything he does, he does for the boys and me.

I finally got an opportunity on Friday afternoon to give back a little to Erica. She has kept Elliott for me so many times, I was more than happy to have Carson over for a while so she could have an "adult's only" lunch. Carson didn't cry at all when she left. He loves the toys at our house, and the mac-n-cheese isn't bad either.

Saturday was a full day. I took the boys to the park in the morning. They played basketball, ran around, and played more basketball. That afternoon was Ethan's first ever soccer game. I only have one picture because I only brought the video camera. Bad mom.
But at least there is video! Ethan scored 2 of the 3 goals for his team (they don't keep score, but the kids and parents know what it was). The first goal was his, and he scored within the first 3 minutes of the game. I was still fighting with Elliott to sit down, and didn't have the video camera out yet. But let me tell you, he was excited! My friend's son, Nate, is in 6th grade and has played soccer for a while. He stayed with me after his own game to watch. He was hoping to give Ethan some pointers, but was more excited to see that he didn't need to. He said Ethan is awesome!  :)  Nate did some recording for me and he missed Ethan's 2nd goal. Oooops. I'm sure there will be more during the coming weekends. Unfortunately for me, I think Ethan really does like soccer. I guess it's okay since he is pretty good at it.
Sunday we just hung out at home. The boys still love their box from Erica. Ethan filled it with pillows and blankets and they watched cartoons for a while. They have been getting along so good lately. It's awesome.
Jason didn't get home until late Sunday, but lucky for him, he had Monday off. The boys are always so happy to have him home. Last night, we moved the bunk-beds into "Elliott's room", and the other room will be the play room. I can't wait to get it organized and get all of these toys out of the living room.

My mom will be here Thursday, and then we will be busy again. I will try to be more prompt in my blogging, but there is no guarantee.

Monday, September 6, 2010

we all went our seperate ways

It started on Friday, we picked up Ethan from school, then he went to stay with his friend Emma, Elliott stayed with my friend Laura, and Jason and I headed to Helena for a wedding.

Emma and her family took Ethan to Missoula with them to see a Montana Griz football game. He was so excited to go. He even got a Griz shirt so he would fit in.
Elliott and Laura hung out all weekend. They went to an art gallery, to Erica's to play with Carson, out to eat, and even to the Corn Maize. Check out the bruise on his head. Haha. That's how I know he had a good time.
It was strange for Jason and I to not have to keep track of the boys all weekend. Look at this location! Gorgeous! Who knew Helena had something so beautiful?
Ethan forgot his camera in the hotel, so these are courtesy of Erin. This is Ethan at his first tailgating party.
And having a Shirley Temple with Emma. They are best buds.
At the game. He loved it!
This is the lake in Helena. I think this made my mind up that we could actually move there.
Jason walking up the isle. Isn't he handsome?
Seriously, the quickest wedding ever.
And...........Let's party!  :)
Oh, and eat.
Jason stole the sombrero. What a dork.
Jason and I came home Saturday night. Elliott was so excited to see us Sunday morning. Unfortunately, Jason had to work all day, so it was just Elliott and me until Ethan came home.

Again, courtesy of Erin. This is on their way home. Look at those toothless kids. So silly.
Ethan took this by himself. Not too bad. Definitely a keeper.
So we came home to a HUGE surprise. Erica bought me a microwave for my birthday! Ours broke a while back, and it just was not in our budget to get a new one. She never ceases to amaze me. She is always so thoughtful and generous. It brought tears to my eyes thinking about how special she is to me and my family while I was taking it out of the box.

I was going to have Ethan take the giant box to the trash, and he said "can't we make a spaceship?" Of course I said yes, and he and Elliott wasted no time getting started.
As they were working, Ethan said "Can you believe we just got this new toy?!?!" It's truly the little things that bring them joy.
They played forever with the box. It was a spaceship, a drum, a car, a dragon like in the Chinese parades, then they even used the flaps to make skateboards, snowboards, and surfboards. I'm sure Erica didn't realize how far her gift would go.

We all had a great weekend.