Thursday, December 23, 2010

gettin bigger

Yesterday in an effort to fill the day, I pulled out some games for Elliott. It was so much fun for me to watch him and to see how much he really does know. He had a great time learning the games and playing them.

The first one I tried is a Diego counting game. You have to match the numbers, or pictures of the animals in his case. This lasted for one round and I was really impressed with his matching of the pictures.
The next game is one of my favorites. Well it was when I was little. I don't care so much for this version, I prefer the one with the video that we had growing up. :) Somehow it never fails, my kids beat me at every game. This was no exception, and I lost 2 rounds before we moved on. 
The last one was definitely his favorite by far. You might remember this one. The fish go around and open and close their mouths and you try to catch them with your fishing pole. Once he got the hang of it, he was on fire! He loved the challenge and it was really good for his hand-eye coordination.  
He played this several times. 
This is my favorite thing that he does right now. He can't get his fingers to work and only hold up 2 fingers, so this is how he does 2. He can recognize 2 things, and is excited when he does. Here he had caught 2 fish. :) 
Then when he started getting bored, he got curious. "What if I just put my finger........AHHHH". Yep, it bit him. I laughed so hard at his reaction. It was like he didn't expect it to really bite him. Silly boy. 
It is so much fun watching him grow up. It's times like these that make the other (not so fun) stuff seem to disappear.

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