Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas in review

Christmas Eve started with The Man in Brown bringing us this! Nick and Sara sent us Portillo's Italian Beef sandwiches straight from Chicago! Oh My Gah!
I told Jason that he would need to go to the store for rolls so we could have it for Christmas, but then we opened it. EVERYTHING was inside! Best Christmas gift to date.
We had spaghetti for dinner, then went to the rims to watch Santa fly over Billings. Unfortunately, the path wasn't where we thought it would be and he flew behind us. We almost missed it! There aren't any good pictures of Santa, but Billings looked beautiful from up there.
We drove straight home, and got started with the gifts. :) Ethan and Elliott passed them all out.
Elliott goes first of course. With it being just us, I went last but it didn't feel as bad as when I go right before Joe. Haha.
This was the first one Ethan picked. A bow and mallow from the Foster's. It shoots mini marshmallows, and I'm here to tell you, it's a serious piece of equipment.
Jason got goggles from Mom and Dad. He's such a goofball.
We got Ethan a Chicago Blackhawks RinkRat hat. It resembles a helmet, and even has a chin strap.
This gift got, by far, the best reaction. I didn't have the camera ready unfortunately. Abby and Chris got Ethan the NHL Slapshot for the Wii. Something Ethan definitely wanted. They wrapped it in a Chicago Cubs Soriano t-shirt, and Ethan was admiring his shirt and didn't even see it. I told him to look at the box that fell out and as soon as he did he yelled and held it high up in the air and cheered. He was ecstatic.
Nick and Sara even sent a box of gifts!
We saved the best for last. Jason had been anticipating a "really cool gift" from me and the boys. The box he opened from us with all his other gifts was a pair of lounge pants. Bwhaha. :) He was noticeably disappointed, but was polite. It was so funny. Then after everything was getting cleaned up we let him open his real gift. His reaction was a very close second to Ethan's.
He had to put it on, and I swear he wore that goofy smile for at least the next hour. Yeah, he likes it.
After gifts, everything needed opened and played with.
Ethan called Norad and asked when Santa would be arriving at our home, and they told him an hour (thank you Norad operator). The boys got into their pajamas, and went outside to sprinkle the glitter filled reindeer food so they would be able to find our house. It was so cute watching them spread it all around.
7:30 is a perfectly acceptable time to wake up, and the boys were ready to dig into their goods that Santa left them. Apparently Santa doesn't watch "all" the time. He was very generous.

A remote control car that does crazy tricks.
A super noisy guitar.
Tech Decks.
And...........for the whole family......Guitar Hero!
The Portillo's gravy was warming up while the toys were being played with, and then it was time for lunch! I cannot even tell you just how incredible this stuff is!
We all got to wear "The Hat" while we ate.
Then it was back to playing. He actually shot me! That's how I know this is a weapon, and marshmallows do not mean "soft hit".
I didn't let Ethan shoot me. :)
This will be the way we do Christmas from now on. At our house. With our kids, just being together as a family and enjoying that. We didn't have to worry about the weather or packing up all the stuff to leave. We took in every moment and made Christmas all about the kids.

And now.........Let the packing begin. We will be outta here in ONE WEEK! Egads! Where did we get all this shit really good stuff?
Hope your Christmas was just as good.

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