Friday, December 17, 2010

window jewelry

I was invited to the neighbor's house this morning for peach pie, coffee and a craft project. My 3 most favorite things on earth. She knows I make jewelry, and she had made a project she calls "window jewelry" a couple days ago and knew I would be interested. So I brought my goodies, and she brought out her box of random jewelry and we got started. First we just looked at everything. That was fun just doing that.
She has tons of jewelry that she never wears or picked up from the goodwill stores.  
Then we broke out the pie and the fruit pizza (I made that) and got to work. 
Ok, well really we just got to eating, then we got to work. 
We used odds and ends and pieces of chain and linked them together to make these!  

Then you just hang them in your window, and POOF! Decoration. 
Believe me, these pictures do not do them any justice.  

So fun and so, SO easy.

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