Monday, December 20, 2010

i didn't forget

The Billings Jr Bulls hosted 8 teams for their semi-annual Ice Breaker Tournament. It was somewhat bitter-sweet for us. This is the last time Ethan will rock the Billings Teal jersey. :(

Stretching, getting ready to kick butt.
Playing D is his favorite position, and he is awesome at it.  
We had to bribe Elliott with suckers. He spends enough time at the rink he thinks he should just run around and cause chaos. I can't wait for him to start playing. 
I had to add in a few action shots. He's in the green socks. 
He got a Hat Trick this game. This meant he got an eggnog shake from McD's.  
I am sure going to miss these kids and coaches. What a great group of people.  
Yep, they won. 4 games, undefeated.  :)  What a way to go out huh? 
Great job Billings Teal!  
Talk about a happy kid.
I just loved this picture. Elliott wanted to help get Ethan's skates off after the last game. I don't know if he was excited that they won or that the tournament was over.  
We were lucky to have 2 cameras watching all the games, and my parents and Chris and Abby got to watch him play. He does love knowing that they got to see it.

Next time you see Ethan's hockey pictures, he will be playing as a Helena Bighorn. Ironically, the team he had to beat for the Championship game at this tournament. Haha.

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