Wednesday, December 8, 2010

gettin our craft on

I saw these on this crafty blog. I stalk it almost daily, and always think, "I could do that", or "Man I wish I was crafty". Well because Erica and I can't find any other way to occupy our days (yeah right), we decided we would take on this project and make some Christmas card holders. Of course we had to wait for nap time because NOTHING can be accomplished with two 2 year old boys in the house.

We started by spraying adhesive to the top of a burner cover.
Then we read the instructions. As adults we have found it more fun to do it our way first, then read the instructions. Turns out it's flammable, and I'm fairly certain the fumes caused us to be a little giggly. :)  
So then we started over! Hehe. We cut the fabric around the burner cover, with enough extra to wrap around the edge. 
Then we sprayed on the adhesive and glued the fabric to the burner cover. Note: Erica put on gloves after doing one without. That glue is seriously sticky.  
Let's just say sticky mess doesn't begin to describe what Erica was fighting against here. The gloves were sticking to everything, and the fabric was sticking to everything but the burner cover. It was entertaining.
But look how awesome they look. Totally worth the mess.
Then we attached ribbon to them to hook them together. 
And a hook for the top one so it can be hung on the back of the door. 
The clothespins were Erica's idea. They have magnets on the back to stick to the burner covers. We tried to decorate them with fabric too, but we were pretty much over the cutting and gluing by this point, and they look cute without.  
Erica's all hang separately so they work with her wall better.  
Mine are on the back of our front door where I hang all of the Christmas cards we get every year. And, just like every other year, the Ramirez Family is the first one to come in the mail (it came today like it was meant to be). I can't wait to have it all filled up! 
I definitely recommend stalking the Brassy Apple blog and trying out her craft ideas. Maybe my husband will look at her blog and get me a sewing machine for Christmas or he'll get scared of what I might do next and block her sight from the computer. Haha.

Have a great day! 


  1. yeah!!! thanks for trying out my idea and making it look so fun and funny! LOL. I know what it's like to try and do projects with a 2 year old ;)

    You can stalk my blog anytime ;) Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. forgot to say I love the family photo in the header!